Hi guys,

I’m Greg – the other half of the two Disney Addicts.

I would like to welcome you to this blog.

As you have read in Damian’s welcome earlier I also like Disney, I also grew up during the 90’s Disney Renaissance, and again saw the same films at the cinema, however as much as I love the Disney classics. I am a huge fan of all things Pixar, especially all things Finding Nemo related. And now that Disney owns LucasArts and Marvel, Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be added to my love of Disney. Looking forward to Galaxies Edge opening up at MGM studios (sorry Hollywood Studios, showing my age there!) and am desperate to get out to California to ride Mission Breakout.

As much as I love the myriad of films and tv series within the extended Disney universe, more core passion is the parks!

I have been to Disney parks several times, having first gone several times to Disneyland Paris (then Euro Disney). I remember my first time walking down Main Street, seeing Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and going on autopia in discovery land and seeing the Paris Space Mountain still under construction! My favourite ride for the time being Big Thunder Railroad. I finally made it to Walt Disney World in my teens, and immediately understood how people can become bonded to the place and have since been back many times. I can’t say what part of the parks are my favourite as there are too many. But favourites include the mountains of Disney World and Typhoon Lagoon as well as all of the firework experiences.

I thought this would provide a brief glimpse of who I am from a Disney perspective. And whilst the blog will be predominantly Disney and Disney adjacent. I do plan to write other things that I find interesting.

Hopefully, you will find my ramblings interesting.

Let’s see where things go…


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