Wishes from California Grill


Wishes is, without a doubt, my favorite fireworks show that I’ve seen to date – and this includes the Remember the Magic show from 1997, Illuminations, Fantasmic and Hallowishes (although that’s more intense with the perimeter fireworks).

The last time we were at Disney World in 2016 we ate at California Grill, which is the top floor of the Contemporary Resort. The meal itself was amazing, and there’s only one thing that can make having a meal with some of your favourite people in the world better – Disney fireworks!

We were due to eat at 9PM and we got seated slightly early, and as we were sitting were told Celebrate the Magic (another show I’ll really miss) was about to start with Wishes following.

This is the video we made from that night, and I can honestly say that watching the fireworks from there was an absolutely stunning experience and another of the reasons I’d love to buy DVC points, and to be able to access the Top of the World lounge.

I’m really nervous to see what Happily Ever After brings (the song is in my Google Play library and has been getting a lot of air time recently). I’m really excited to see it based on the clips, song and what I’ve heard of the rest of the music, but Wishes hit me on such a visceral level that the prospect of it being gone just makes me feel really sad – but I’m very excited that I’ll get to see another show which I’m hoping will become another favourite!

There’s another blog post coming, but I wanted to make sure that we’re uploading something at least every Sunday!

Sorry for the cut and run, but look for a full post coming soon!

– Damian


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